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Plastic mold polishing processing technology

How plastic mold polishing processing, dongguan jie vibration Plastic mold factory below small make up to answer questions, plastic mold polishing processing technology.

Plastic mold polishing technology

With plastic products, widely used, such as chemical product and beverage packaging container, the needs of appearance often plastic mold cavity surface to the point of mirror polishing. And production of optical lens, laser disc mold requirement for the surface roughness is extremely high, and also to the requirement of polishing sex is extremely high. Polishing increase artifacts not only beautiful, but also can improve the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance on the surface of the material, also can make the mould has other advantages, such as easy plastic mold release, reduce the production of injection molding cycle, etc. In the process of plastic injection mold making and polishing in is important procedure.

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