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Design of Cooling System in Plastic Mold

Engaged in the plastic mold industry, really is the beginning of the dark, busy non-stop, the last few days is really busy to breathe, and even update the site time is not today, from the busy out of time for everyone to bring Design of Cooling System for Plastic Mold. The same time as

Thermoplastics and part of the thermosetting plastic injection molding process, is the higher temperature of the molten plastic, through the high pressure injection into the lower temperature of the mold, after cooling and curing, to get the required products.

First of all, from the production efficiency point of view, the molding cycle is an important part of the molding process, forming cycle 50% ~ ~ 60% of the time used to cool the product, so the length of the cooling time is important The At the same time, the product should ensure the best dimensional stability, the smallest amount of deformation, the highest strength and toughness, the most perfect appearance, how to control the mold temperature, so that the cavity and the core to maintain the quality of the molding system to adapt Within the specified temperature range, to maximize the elimination of stress, improve the physical properties of plastic, get high-quality products, mold cooling system design is another important part.

The mold cooling system includes a cooling water temperature, a mold temperature controller, and a heating assembly. The purpose of their work is not only to make the mold to be cooled, but also in the molding process, due to molten plastic mold to bring the high temperature continue to spread out, so that the mold to maintain a constant temperature, in order to control the cavity plastic cooling Speed, thereby enhancing the injection molding performance and production efficiency.

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