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Analysis on Molding Characteristics of Plastic in Plastic Mold

Today is Wednesday, this time more busy, update the site are intermittent, rarely updated every day. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce plastic mold in the molding characteristics of plastic.

First, liquidity

Plastic parts of the complex shape, thin wall or larger products, the product designer should consider to meet the performance of the use of products under the premise of preferred plastic flow to shape. The merits of liquidity are measured by the liquidity level. The method of measuring the fluidity is measured by a standard measuring instrument. The higher the measured value, the better the mobility. It is customary to refer to the plastic melt gap (overflow edge) concept associated with plastic flow. The so-called flash gap is the maximum gap value that melt plastic does not flow under high pressure. The better the fluidity, The smaller.

Second, contraction, shrinkage, specific volume and compression

Shrinkage and shrinkage, plastic variety, molding process (pressure, temperature, time), mold and plastic structure, so the design of mold, according to the molding shrinkage to calculate the size of the cavity. The volume is the volume of loose plastic per unit weight. The compression ratio is the ratio of the volume of the loose plastic to the volume of the same weight of plastic. Use them to calculate the amount of injection (cm3) required for each molding compound or the volume size of the mold feed chamber. Injection volume is the main condition for determining the equipment.

      Well, today for the time being to introduce the liquidity, contraction, shrinkage, specific capacity and compression of these characteristics, tomorrow to continue the second half.

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