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From the Licheng industrial city, how to get to changan trade city mold accessories market

Open mold factory in dongguan colleagues, whether open hardware mold factory or Plastic mold factory, as long as it is in the mold industry friends should know mold hardware accessories market is we often have to patronize. Long amway into industrial city will be several mold factory, then from the industrial town to the changan well-known trade city mold accessories market how to go to? Dongguan jie vibration mould below small make up just to talk about the line.

Let's look at the location of changan trade city mold accessories market:

We see from the map of chang an city mold fitting the position of the square is very easy to find, just near the guangshen highway S358 provincial highway changan north station.

Then from the into industrial city how to changan trade city mould parts square? Let me take a look at the roadmap:


We can see from the picture, if is a friend of take a bus from the into industrial city first walk 350 meters to the splendid restaurant station get on the bus, can bus changan 9, 16, 24 road can reach the destination, about 8 minutes to drive to changan north station to get off, and then walk 290 meters can be arrived at changan trade city mould parts square, about 20 minutes, very convenient.

How is your friend to drive, you can refer to the circuit diagram below:


Above is from the into industrial city to changan well-known trade city mould parts circuit diagram of the market, hoping to somehow to changan trade city die mold accessories market colleagues provide convenience.


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