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What is the pouring system in the design of plastic molds?

A few days ago, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor said that today is really difficult to move to the plastic mold design in this area of talent, attracted four months to interview people are very few people. No, today editors and how to introduce the casting system in the plastic mold design is how.

1. Pour system concept

Gating system: refers to the injection nozzle from the injection of plastic into the cavity of the flow of the channel.

Function: The plastic melt to fill the cavity in a smooth and orderly manner, and in the filling and solidification process to fully pass the injection pressure to the various parts, in order to obtain a tightly organized plastic parts.


  Common pouring system: cold runner

  No flow condensate pouring system: hot runner, adiabatic flow channel

2. The composition of the pouring system and the role of each part

Composition: main runner, sub-runner, gate, cold material hole

Whether the design of the runner system is appropriate and directly affect the appearance, physical properties, dimensional accuracy and forming cycle of the molded article.

3. Design principle of pouring system

(1) to ensure the quality of plastic parts (to avoid the common filling problem)

 minimize stagnation

Stagnation is easy to make some parts of the workpiece over-pressure, some parts of the lack of pressure, so that the internal stress increased many.

 try to avoid welding marks

The presence of weld marks mainly affects the appearance, making the surface of the product worse; and the local weld bond strength will be poor.

 try to avoid excessive pressure and lack of pressure

When the casting system design is bad or improper operating conditions, will make the melt in the cavity in the holding time is too long or to withstand excessive pressure is excessive pressure.

Excessive pressure will make the product density, increase the internal stress, or even flash.

 minimize the flow to the mess

Flowing messy will make the workpiece strength is poor, the surface of the lines are also less beautiful.

(2) to minimize and shorten the pouring system section and length

 Minimize heat loss and pressure loss of plastic melt

 reduce the amount of plastic and mold size

(3) as far as possible to achieve synchronization filling

In the case of a multi-cavity case, the melt entering each cavity can be reached at the same time, and the pressure at each inlet is equal.

4. Main channel design

Function: is to connect the injection nozzle and mold the bridge, the melt into the cavity through the first part.

Design points: cross-sectional shape, taper, aperture, length, spherical R, round r


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