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Plastic mold casting system balance

Today is November 10, 24 o'clock tonight is the time of the official launch of the e-commerce double war eleven, and friends of Dongguan Plastic mold factory you grab a gun to grab, buy or buy or wait and see. This editor I think it is a matter of opinion, today we take a look at the plastic mold casting system balance.

For small and medium sized plastic injection mold has been widely used in the form of a multi-cavity design should try to ensure that all the cavity at the same time uniform filling and molding. Generally, if the shape of the plastic part and the structure of the mold allow it, the shunting passage from the main flow passage to each cavity should be designed into the form of equal length, same shape and cross-sectional dimension (cavity layout is balanced), otherwise, Adjusting the gate size so that the gate flow and molding process conditions to achieve the same, this is the casting system balance. Obviously, the die we designed is balanced, that is, the length of the shunt from the main runner to each cavity is equal and the shape and cross-sectional dimensions are the same.

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