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Should go to university to the university entrance exam again: the future choice mould related

Circle of friends today appeared various time after 80, living through, the phenomenon of rejuvenation, a the elder brothers come out to work more than ten years, for example, last night before bed, so nervous, tomorrow is the university entrance exam, I can't sleep. Or is a university graduate's sister, today early in the morning, get up to attend the university entrance exam, come on! Because today is June 7, the college entrance examination of a year. As after the college entrance examination is the application of professional choice, so, the future among students of the university campus should not read the paper mould related?

Now let's look at the mold the employment prospects of the industry, mould industry as a traditional industry, now can say talent development of mould industry far couldn't keep up with the demand of the industry, the overall performance of insufficient demand and high level technical personnel is scarce. Small make up work in mould enterprises, the talent shortage has become the enterprise mould technology level to further improve, the bottleneck of further development. According to statistic of kilter talent market, recruiters to machinery, electronics has been high class talented person's demand, including mold positions is leading the way. Many businesses, an hr manager for mold design personnel and CNC numerical control processing personnel showed great enthusiasm. Visible mold related professional graduates, social demand is very big.

Then see what mould industry related major. The classmate of everyone to pay attention to the mold related majors in professional undergraduate classes there is no specific categories, unified call machinery, with the most relevant is the mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation and industrial design, to say the good school have the mechanics department of tsinghua university, huazhong university of science and technology, jiaotong university, etc. While in college are: mold design and manufacturing, mold professional, personally think that this kind of technical majors where to learn about the same, the key is to see his diligence and savvy and the accumulation of experience.

So should choose mould related, personally think that the most important thing is to combine the individual interest, interest is the best teacher, the classmate don't blindly follow suit, which professional hot went to sign up for which professional mentality objectionable. Nor to a graduate diploma, professional, highly educated to choose their own don't like according to the experience, small make up you after graduation, not many people will care about your degree, enterprise in the recruitment is more important of your ability, your thoughts, your attitude, your experience, rather than thought on high, smug diploma degree.

Today, with the vision, with a dream, battlefield Wan Xuezi in 940 college entrance examination, in the face of big test in the life, wish all candidates: triumph, jinbang title! As for the future, college should choose mould related, the classmate of considering various aspects must according to their own interest in specialty, choose carefully.



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