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Selection Principle of Plastic Mold Release Mechanism

Today is August 3, recently contacted a few rain, Dongguan weather finally not so hot. Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, said to do a good job to live a lot. Today, Dongguan plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the principle of selection of mold release mechanism.

The principle of selection of the stripping mechanism: the deformation of the plastic parts when the deformation (a slight elastic deformation in the general case is allowed, but can not form a permanent deformation); thrust distribution according to the size of the release force to be reasonable arrangements; The strength and rigidity of the putter should be sufficient, in the introduction of the action does not produce elastic deformation; putter position marks must not affect the appearance of plastic parts; stripping the mold The movement of the organization should ensure that it is flexible, reliable and does not malfunction.

Pull out the force calculation: stripping force, refers to the plastic forming, due to the size of the contraction, the mold of the protruding parts of the security force. The stripping mechanism conforms to the resistance formed by the tightening force on the stripping direction.

According to the plastic in the molding is a significant contraction, so the phone module will automatically remain in the punch after injection molding. When the stripping slope is not large (generally refers to <5 degrees) the initial stripping force of the largest, once pushed, stripping force is rapidly reduced. So the calculation of the stripping force (the purpose of the calculation is to design the putter) must be calculated according to the condition of the non-stripping slope.

When the stripping slope> 5 degrees, can be included in the impact of stripping slope.

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