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Structural Design of Plastic Mold Die

Unconsciously, today is September 7, the school has been working for many days. Students should also be transferred from the leisure state of the summer to the present state of study. But Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, this year should have been in a busy state. Today editors to introduce the plastic mold die structure design.

(1). Integral die

Directly in a whole piece of material from the processing of the die is the overall die. Its characteristics are solid, not easy to deformation, forming the plastic surface of the plastic joints will not have signs.

(2) the overall embedded die

The die as a whole, and then embedded in the mold template, called the overall embedded die. Its characteristics:

1 processing of a single cavity of the die is convenient;

2 save precious steel;

3 easy to repair replacement;

4 Machining of each pocket die is easy to shorten the molding cycle.

(3). Local mosaic die

In order to facilitate processing or fragile parts, should take a local mosaic structure. a, b for the embedded concave side wall of the local convex structure; c, d for the concave part of the bottom of the local structure; e for the die with a rib site, with one or two inserts made, then Into the integral die.

(4). Large area inlaid and combined die

In order to facilitate the machining, grinding, polishing and heat treatment, the die by a combination of several parts of the mosaic. The most common is the mosaic of the entire bottom of the die.

(5). The modular die with four walls

For large and complex shape of the die, you can put its four walls and the bottom of the processing after grinding into the mold sleeve.

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