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What is the guide part in the plastic mold?

There are various structures in the whole set of molds, some of which are auxiliary structures, which refer to parts that function as installation, orientation, assembly, cooling, heating and mechanism movements. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor with colleagues to see the guide parts in the plastic mold is what.

Guide parts

Role: positioning, orientation and bearing the role of pressure.

Type: guide column guide, tapered guide and bevel guide.

1. Guide column design:

Guide column: ① by the column guide sleeve or guide hole structure.

           ② require guide pillars higher than the punch 6-8cm.

           ③ guide column end to ask a good cone or hemispherical.

           ④ guide column surface with good wear resistance, the core tough and easy to break.

           ⑤ with the template assembly with the transition.

           ⑥ guide column and template connection.

Guide sleeve: ① guide sleeve front side of the ruler.

            ② guide sleeve hardness lower than the guide column.

            ③ Rope and template with the surface roughness.

            ④ connection between the guide sleeve and the template fixed way.

Guide hole: suitable for small batch production of the mold, the required accuracy is not high.

 2. Tapered, beveled guide mechanism.

 For large, deep cavity, the accuracy requirements are not high, especially thin-walled containers, partial plastic parts.

As the pressure is large, causing the core cavity of the core, the guide column is difficult to bear, can be used cone positioning.

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