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Insert in the plastic mold products

Embedded in the plastic mold products molding process of or forming pressure into the bolt, the terminal (piece) of metal or other material parts, referred to as insert in the plastic mold products. Insert molding make the operation complexity and cycle lengthened, productivity (with automatic clamping manipulator or automatic line not insert).

1. Insert the shape and structure requirements

(1) the metal insert by cutting or punching and insert must therefore have good processing technology.

(2) has enough mechanical strength (material, size).

(3) between the insert and plastic substrate have enough bonding strength, ensure that in use do not pull out, not rotating; As far as possible use circular or symmetric shape of the insert, the evenness of contraction.

(4) easy to mold and location was laid

2. Insert the material

Copper, aluminum, steel, hard heterogeneous plastic, ceramic, glass and so on all can be used as insert material, among them, the copper is not rust, corrosion resistance, easy processing and moderate price, is the common use of the insert material.

3. Insert the fixed in the plastic products

(1) insert and products wall spacing cannot be too small, to ensure the filling of plastic and mold has a certain strength.

(2) plate, sheet insert available window fixation method of fixation, but thin insert (less than 0.5 mm thick) should be fixed with the method of the incision or bending.

(3) the rod insert can be used to hit the head flat, salt deficiency, bending, fixed the splits and other forms.

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