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Plastic mold of the component materials

Dimensional precision mold material selection and molding products, appearance quality, mould strength, closely related to die life and so on, sometimes consider fabrication procedure, also has certain limits to the mold material. Commonly used there are S136H mould material, 718 h, GS - 738, yellow PAK90, 8407, steel, copper, bronze, beryllium copper, etc. Let's take a look at: mold material selection principle

1. The allowance when booking regulation:

Internal model material, big order all materials, such as bulk material when bilateral allowance of 5.0 MM.

Order bottom shell, big, the main body of copper, such as the width direction of the bilateral margin 20 mm, height direction 30 mm allowance,

The rest of the copper material width direction of the bilateral margin 10 mm, margin 25 mm height direction.

2. Glass products such as transparent ABS or corrosive strong plastic such as PVC, POM, PP, before and after the mould adopts S136H, the adults who, inserts, the top, sloping roof, etc in 718 h, but the big insert using S136H; materials such as ABS, HIPS before die and former die inserts with after 718 h, die and the die insert with GS - 738.

3. All the lines of a line, inclined top, top, a layering lines, a pull hook, T block, a set blocks, such as wear-resistant block with 718 h, in addition to the lines of a quenching treatment to; The body of A, B plate, rod, shovel chickens with GS - 738. Insurance button, hold the head, rotary needle, limit out with A yellow card, such as the block.

4. The button on the front mould copper and shall adopt "sanbao" copper material.

5. Wells spacers shall be bronze.

6. The cooling with insert the beryllium copper.

7. Button after clearance a mold insert the yellow card.



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