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How to determine the plastic mold structure scheme

Plastic mold structure and mold the individual system of many factors, is complex, mainly has the following several aspects:

1. The cavity layout. According to the characters of the plastic parts, size precision, batch size, mould manufacturing difficulty, mould cost, determine the cavity number and arrangement.

2. Determine the parting surface. The position of the points should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, demoulding and molding operation, the surface quality of plastic parts, etc.

(3) to determine the gating system (main sprue, runner and gate shape, position, size) and exhaust system (exhaust method and exhaust slot location, size).

4. Select the ejection way (plunger, pipe jacking, pushing board, combined-type ejection), decided to lateral concave processing method, the core pulling method.

5. Determine the shape of the cooling and heating mode and heating cooling groove, location, the installation of the heating element.

6. According to the experience of the mould material, strength calculation, or data, determine the thickness of mold parts and overall dimensions, shape structure and all connections, positioning and orientation.

7. To determine the main forming parts, the structure of components.

8. Considering the strength of the mold parts, calculate forming parts working size.

If solved these problems above, the structure of mould is solved. At this time, you should set out to draw sketches of die structure and to prepare for formal drawing.

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