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The characteristics of plastic molds in the contemporary economy

Today is August 6th. The editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory has encountered a lot of things to deal with recently. It feels that it has reached the bottom of life and is rolling in a deep vortex, but the more it gets deeper and deeper, I believe that people will win the day and believe in themselves. I will pass, I believe that I will climb up one step at a time, look at it, one day I will stand up and embrace the most brilliant sunshine. Dongguan plastic mold industry will also get better and better. Today we introduce the characteristics of plastic molds in the contemporary economy.

Plastic products produced by molds (referred to as plastic parts) have high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption, so they are widely used in instruments, meters, household appliances, automobiles and other industries. The mold is also a “benefit amplifier”. The value of the final product produced by the mold is often several times and hundreds of times the value of the mold. Mold technology has become an important indicator to measure the level of product manufacturing in a country, and determines product quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities. The American industry believes that "the mold industry is the cornerstone of American industry," and Japan says that "the mold is the driving force for the prosperity and prosperity of society."

The importance of the mold industry in China's national economy is reflected in the five pillar industries of the national economy - machinery, electronics, automobiles, petrochemicals and construction, all of which require the development of the mold industry to meet the needs of the five pillar industries. need. Take the automobile and motorcycle industry mold market as an example. In industrialized countries, the automobile and motorcycle industries are the largest market for molds, accounting for about half of the entire mold market. The automobile industry is the five pillar industries of China's national economy. As the development focus of automobile molds, it has been clearly defined in the industrial policy of the automobile industry. According to reports. By 2005, all kinds of automobile molds produced in China can only meet about 50% of the planned demand.

At present, the annual output value of molds in the world is about 60-65 billion US dollars. In developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, France and Switzerland, mold exports account for about one-third of the annual output value of domestic molds. China's mold exports are extremely small. In 1998, mold exports were US$96 million, accounting for 3.6% of China's total output value. The gap with developed countries is relatively large.

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