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Plastic mold molding conditions

As a general guide, many of the GE standard grade of the resin is molded at different temperatures. Melt temperature of mold temperature to decide the finished parts and precision injection molding is important to stress level. Cold mold filling is difficult, need high injection pressure and melt temperature. Hot die can usually produce more bright and clean parts, low stress and plastic injection.

Due to the heat engineering plastic resin of high temperature deformation, temperature is high, it will be easier to the mold parts. In the advice of the melt temperature range, most GE resin has excellent thermal stability. As a general rule, when molding is close to suggest the highest melt temperature, material retention time should be as short as possible. When near the melt temperature range of cap or processed, the injection weight usually should be close to the machine cylinder capacity 80% ~ 90%.

If the cylinder temperature beyond the melt temperature limit of advice, will cause the thermal degradation of resin, and the loss of the physical properties. The increase of the screw rotation speed is relatively small, can cause the melt temperature of huge increase, and not change the control set point. It is recommended to use a handheld pyrometer to measure the melt temperature. At the beginning of the machine cycle, should make the measurement for the thermoplastic melt.

With the increase of amorphous material melt temperature, its viscosity decreases, and the increased liquidity, thus flow lengthen, suitable for filling thin wall material, and help to reduce the residual stress. When using high melt temperature, reduce the barrel/residence time, minimize any thermal degradation of the resin. As soon as possible the fill speed, can make the flow length, filling thin wall material, and help to produce good surface finish.

Sprue gate and edge of the fan gate, it is recommended to use a slower filling speed, to help avoid gate white halo, radiation and spiral lines. For thick wall parts [] 0.2 inches (5.06 mm), or above, slow filling helps reduce depression and gap. Engineering thermoplastics should not stay in high temperature environment for a long time but never clean.

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