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General principles for design of demolding mechanism in plastic mold

Today is December 26, 19, the last two days just happened to be Christmas Eve or something, but these festivals have little to do with our friends in Dongguan Plastic mold factory, and the molds are still the same. Seeing that 19 years are coming to an end, this year is full of feelings, bitterness and tears. No matter how you live your life, you still have to live with hope and work hard. Well, today I will introduce the general principles of the design of the release mechanism in plastic molds.

1. It is required to keep the plastic part on the side of the movable mold during the mold opening process, so that the ejection mechanism is located on the side of the movable mold as much as possible, thereby simplifying the mold structure.

2. Correctly analyze the size and distribution of the mold's clamping force and adhesion to the mold, and select a reasonable ejection device and position to make the magnitude and distribution of the ejection force consistent with the ejection resistance; The point should be close to the position where the plastic part has the greatest tightening force on the punch, and it should also be the position where the rigidity and strength of the plastic part are the largest; the force acting surface is as large as possible to prevent the plastic part from being deformed or damaged during the pushing process.

3. The pushing position should be located inside the plastic part or the part that has little influence on the appearance of the plastic part as far as possible in order to strive for a good appearance of the plastic part.

4. The pushing mechanism should be simple in structure and reliable in movement (that is, it can be pushed in place, can be correctly reset, and does not interfere with other parts, and has sufficient strength and rigidity). It has flexible remote movement, and is easy to manufacture and maintain.

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