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Dongguan where most mold factory

Dongguan where most mold factory, this is a lot of friends working for the mould of dongguan don't frequently asked questions. Dongguan Jiezhen Mold co., LTD. To tell you, is where the most mold factory, dongguan is the mold town changan.

Changan is already as the national famous mold town, changan mold industry to develop very large clusters. According to the machine tool business, chang an existing hardware plastic mould professional market 5 and 1 hardware plastic accessories professional street, covering a total area of more than 500000 square meters, more than 2500 resident merchants, trade totalled 15 billion yuan, the scale is the highest among all the national township. Hardware mold on surrounding industrial cluster of guangzhou, shenzhen, foshan and other automotive industry to undertake and radiation ability strong, has major litres, jin sheng, auspicious xin, tsit wing, the benefits of a large number of mould enterprises.

Currently, chang 'an town has a total of more than 1100 hardware plastic mold production enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households more than 6800 households, the hardware plastic mould industry output value of 18 billion yuan, has gathered 200 ~ 300 auto professional hardware plastic mold manufacturing enterprises, auto hardware mold industry scale agglomeration benefit is showing.

See such brilliant hardware plastic mould industry data, jie vibration moulds or exclamation: where is the dongguan mold factory the most, is the mould town changan.

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