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Assembly form of plastic mold products

Today is May 5th, and I have already arrived in mid-May, the majority of friends of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, how is your status? Editing my mold factory this year is quite satisfactory. I haven't updated the website for everyone for a long time. In the production of plastic molds, several types of assembly of plastic mold products are introduced.

1. Ultrasonic wire bonding assembly method, which is characterized by easy on the mold, but requires a special ultrasonic machine in the assembly process, the cost is increased, and it cannot be disassembled. The cross section of the ultrasonic line is usually made into a triangle of 0.30 width and 0.3 height, and is interrupted by 2 mm in the length direction by a length of 5-10 MM;

2. Self-tapping screw assembly method, which is easy to do on the mold, but increases the assembly process, the cost increases, and the disassembly is troublesome;

3. The hook-clamp assembly method is characterized in that the mold processing is complicated, but the assembly is convenient, and the utility model can be repeatedly disassembled and used repeatedly.

There are various forms of hooks. It is necessary to avoid that the local glue position is too thick at the hook, and it is also convenient to consider the mold at the hook. The hook should be suitable for the tightness of the fit, and the assembly and disassembly are convenient. The mating surface is suitable for the fit, and the other surfaces are appropriately left.

4. BOSS shaft-hole form assembly method, which is characterized by convenient mold processing, easy assembly and convenient disassembly, but its disadvantage is that the assembly is not very firm.

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