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The general requirements of plastic molding parts design

Refers to the form of plastic molding parts plastic mold parts, usually including concave die, punch, molding rod, ring, etc. For design of plastic molding parts generally have how requirements.

1. Has the enough strength, stiffness, with plastic melt under high pressure.

2. With sufficient rigidity and wear resistance, to withstand friction material flow; Should be in more than HRC40 usually internal model material hardness. Special requirements for occasions over HRC50-52.

3. Material polishing performance is good, surface should be smooth and beautiful, the surface roughness requirement under Ra0.4.

4. The machining performance is good, process performance is good. Important precision parts can grind out as far as possible, general parts can milling out as far as possible.

5. Easy maintenance, to consider insert structure vulnerability difficult processing.

6. Have enough accuracy, general hole parts fit precision of H7 - H6 axle of H6 - h4.

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