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What is the stripping slope in the design of the plastic mold?

Today, June 7 is the annual college entrance examination time, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, you miss the day before reading it? Time is gone, we still honestly do mold it, who told us to be mold people do. Today to tell you, stripping slope in the plastic mold design is what.

Plastic parts inside and outside the surface shape should meet the requirements of the use of the case as easy as possible to shape, so in the design of plastic mold should pay special attention to stripping slope.

In general, the material properties of crisp, hard, stripping slope requirements, but in the specific choice of stripping angle should also note the following:

Where the plastic parts of the high precision, should be used less stripping slope

Where a higher, larger size, should use a smaller stripping slope

Plastic parts of the shape of complex, easy to release the mold should be used in a larger stripping angle

Plastic parts of the shrinkage of large should use a larger slope value

Plastic parts thick wall thickness, will make the molding shrinkage increases, stripping slope should be used in larger values

If the plastic parts are required to remain in the core side after stripping, the stripping slope of the inner surface of the plastic part is smaller than the outer surface. On the other hand, the plastic parts are required to be left in the cavity after stripping. The stripping slope of the outer surface should be smaller than the inner surface, but when the inner and outer surfaces require stripping slope inconsistency, the uniformity of wall thickness is often not guaranteed

Reinforced plastic should take large, with self-lubricating agent easy to mold release plastic desirable small mold release and plastic parts tolerance relationship:

① stripping slope is not included in the scope of plastic parts tolerance,

Axis: large end size guarantee requirements, small end size reduced by the slope

Hole: small end size assurance requirements, large end size by the slope to expand

② stripping slope included in the plastic range of tolerance: the size of the size of the two take the limit, calculate the stripping slope

 wall thickness

Thermoplastics allow smaller wall thickness compared to thermosetting plastics

Thermoplastic: minimum wall thickness allowed to 0.25 mm, generally should not be less than 0.6 ~ 0.9 mm often take 2 to 4 mm

Thermosetting plastic: small plastic parts to .6 ~ 2.5 mm, large plastic parts take 3.2 ~ 8 mm

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