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Plastic mold factory production safety considerations

Whatever the work, the safety is always in the first place, the on-site production mould industry is' people and machinery, machine, dealing with a slightly careless operation or safety consciousness is not high, it is easy to safety accidents, so Plastic mold factory production safety considerations are very important.

Let's look at what are the issues in the process of plastic mold production is we should pay attention to:

1, carry out the thought of "safety first, prevention first", the first consciousness is one of the most important, in the production process is always keep a clear safety consciousness is the premise to prevent accidents.

2, wear labor insurance supplies, according to the rules carefully implement safety production. Such as, on-site production staff are forbidden to wear slippers, sandals, work all protective high shoes to wear, such as leather shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes. For direct contact with the hand the operation of the metal to bring gloves, but should pay attention to is a milling machine, gong bed to take off your gloves, because generally have a burr on the gloves, the burr is likely to be entangled with the rotation of the machine together, this is very dangerous. When making have iron splash work use protective eye, avoid iron fly in my eyes.

3, wages and other students should master led instruction before mount guard operation, after system study, can operate independently. Problems encountered in the operation think more, think more, ask more.

4, fire equipment, protective equipment such as a sensitive and reliable to ensure regular check replacement equipment, drugs, valid sign is obvious.

5, production, inspection records in a timely manner to fill in, carefully check after work, clean up the scene, shut the doors and Windows, the important material to strict control so as to avoid loss.

6, important equipment such as: CNC CNC machining center, personnel management, keep clean, do not damage health.

7, in order to strengthen the management of accident, insisted that attempted to major accidents, should have accident records report timely treatment, recording is accurate, timely report to.

8, special type of work assignments should hold special operations card mount guard.

9, this type of work or not the unit personnel shall not, without the operating equipment.

10, often to carry out safety activities, open good weekly meeting, no regular serious rectification, remove hidden dangers.

More than 10 points is small make up summed up experience, if plastic mold factory management to strictly enforce the above 10 points, can effectively prevent the happening of the accident.

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