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Calculation of Working Size of Molding Parts in Plastic Mold

Today is March 7, tomorrow is the annual Women's Day, saying that time is really fast, today's Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce plastic mold parts in the work size. The working dimension of the molded part is the size of the part used to form the part directly. Including the following parts: ① radial size of the core cavity; ② height of the core size; ③ depth of the cavity size; ④ center distance from the size.

Factors that affect the size of plastic parts:

            A. Forming the parts themselves

            B. Wear in the course of use

            C. The fluctuation of shrinkage

Specific size calculation:

          <1> Radial size calculation

             A. Cavity L cavity:

                    H cavity:

             B. Core L-core =

                    H-core =

             C. Center cavity:

             Among them: ① parts of the size of the form must be converted into the form of the map


                   ③ The above calculation is based on the average shrinkage calculation formula feed

                   ④ for the accuracy requirements of more than 6 products, mold size calculation results need to retain two decimal places, 6 precision below, only one can be retained.

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