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May 28th mobile phone shell event: HUAWEI BYD |oppo|vivo, Foxconn and other leading gathered

Nano injection  molding breaks out with the explosion of the mobile phone industry in 2015.There’re  a lot of changes appeared in mobile phone shell processing technology. In  addition to the CNC machining, there also appeared the steering bimetal,  die-casting, stamping + CNC, MIM powder metallurgy, liquid-metal and so no. But  Nano injection molding has made most of the shell manufacturing process reach  the same goal by different means. Two Nano Injection conferences were held in  Shenzhen, Kunshan in 2015. A handful of enterprises gathered together and  joined in the discussion for offering some related suggestions to the  industry. In 2016, we have paid more attention to the trend of the industry,  innovative applications, the discussion category therefore includes the  ceramic shell of MIUI, the shell processing of Huawei P9, and the newest  technology of iPhone 7.


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