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Selection of raw materials for plastic mold production

This time is very busy, do not have time to update the station, today for everyone to make up. Today, we introduce the choice of plastic mold production of raw materials. Plastic is a high molecular weight synthetic resin as the main component. It is plastic and can be deformed under certain conditions of temperature and pressure. It is molded into a product and can maintain the shape and size under certain conditions of use and meet the requirements of certain performance requirements. The

The necessary and main components of the plastic resin, the resin is composed of high molecular substances, it is made through the polymerization reaction, so called polymer or polymer. The main component of plastic is synthetic resin, and add filler, plasticizer, fuel, stabilizer and other accessories. The multi-component components are: resin, filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, curing agent, coloring agent, antistatic agent, foaming agent, flame retardant and so on. Plastic with: 1. Light quality; 2. Chemical stability and superior; 3. Electrical insulation performance; 4. High strength; 5. Reduced friction, excellent wear resistance, good self-lubricating; 6. Good bonding performance; 8. Good optical properties; 9. Coloring performance is strong; 10. Low thermal conductivity characteristics. However, in the current application of plastic, plastic also has some shortcomings, so that its application subject to certain restrictions. General plastic mechanical strength is not as good as metal. Plastic molding shrinkage is higher. Plastic is more sensitive to temperature than metal or other non-metallic materials, the use of plastic temperature range is much narrower than other materials. If the plastic long-term by the load, even if the temperature is not high, its shape will produce "creep", plastic this gradually generated plastic parts flow is not plastic, resulting in plastic parts dimensional accuracy loss. Therefore, in the choice of plastic to pay attention to avoid weaknesses.

Plastic performance in accordance with the performance of heat, can be divided into two categories of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. The former is characterized by a certain temperature, after a certain period of time heating, pressing or adding hardener, the chemical reaction and hardening. After hardening the plastic chemical structure changes, hard texture, insoluble in solvents, heating is no longer soft, if the temperature is too high to break down. The latter is characterized by changes in the state after heating, softened by the solid or melted into a viscous fluid state, but after cooling and become hard and become solid. And the process can be repeated several times, the molecular structure of the plastic itself does not change.

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