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Design of Plastic Mold Molding Parts

Today is August 2, Dongguan weather finally did not so hot. A few days ago are really sitting are sweat. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to briefly introduce the design of plastic mold parts.

Mold parts in accordance with its role can be divided into forming parts and structural parts. Forming parts such as punch (core) die (cavity), inserts, forming rods, thread forming rods and rings. Structural parts such as guide posts, guide sleeves, sliders, sliders, guides, locking blocks, locating rings, sprues, push rods, push plates, push pipes, reset rods, pull hooks, Wait.

Most of the surface of the molded part is in direct contact with the plastic, its shape is often more complex, precision and surface roughness requirements are relatively high, so in addition to the design to ensure that the plastic parts molding, but also requires easy manufacturing and maintenance.

The parts that make up the cavity are called molded parts. Because the molded parts are in high temperature and high pressure plastic contact, they are scratched by the high speed material and are friction and wear with the plastic parts during stripping. Therefore, the material is required to have sufficient strength, Wear resistance.

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