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Plastic mold corrosion protection

Plastic mold manufacturing production is completed, how to prevent the plastic moulds by corrosion is a very important step. Here is a simple introduce plastic mold corrosion.

Molding in high humidity environment, the nickel plated or stainless steel helps to prevent mold corrosion. When using will produce the phenomenon of condensation, followed by oxidation of cold mould, the mould material is released or use most steel corrosive gases, the most prone to corrosion. GE resin, under normal circumstances without nickel plated or stainless steel mold, because the mold temperature should not be lower than 140 ° F (60 ° C), and only some GELOY resin injection of corrosive (PVC).

If there is a long-term storage, in addition to pre spray also need other anticorrosive measures, in general it is recommended to use nickel plating. Compared with chrome or other technology, electroless plating nickel has excellent chemical resistant, and relatively cheaper, more convenient and with most of the resin mold release. Finally, nickel plating for steel selection scope (just) can choose different kinds of stainless steel is higher than that in the mechanical properties and electrical conductivity, such as toughness, hardness, adhesion abrasion resistance.

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