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The same material of plastic injection molding in Harmonia replacement

A set of plastic mold production out of the product, often with multiple styles or colors of products, a number of models used for the insert to achieve a variety of colors, which will be realized by changing the injection molding material, so how to replace it in the same material color plastic mold injection molding? Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor with everyone to see.

Replace in class color (color change operation of the same material), if possible, should start to light dark material from transparent to opaque material forming. This color change operation easier. In the color job this occasion, please according to the following order:

(1). Turn off the retaining plate barrel.

(2) all of the material in the lower part of the heating material tube is fired, and the air is pre plastic several times.

(3) new materials in the feeding tube.

(4). Open the retaining plate, with air pre plastic and repeated to complete the replacement of color.

However, if from dark to light. From opaque to transparent, turn off the retaining plate of air pre plastic plus several times, remove the heating barrel and screw for internal cleaning.


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