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Design of thread core pulling mechanism in plastic mould

The thread core pulling mechanism is a rotating core pulling mechanism in the plastic mould structure, which is commonly used in the transmission mechanism, the gear rack, the rack drive, the chain sprocket and the screw drive.

The design of thread core pulling structure should pay attention to the following aspects:

1 power is able to provide enough torque;

2 mold has two parts and the relative motion of a larger contact surface is made of different materials or have sufficient hardness difference, (more than 5HRC);

3 parts should have enough strength and rigidity, and to be beneficial to the processing and assembly and disassembly;

4 gear grinding number selection of the first series, the best is the standard gear, usually the active gear load than the driven gear to be large, so the number of active gear grinding;

5 to calculate the transmission ratio to fully consider the effective core length, (effective core length for the actual number of products with a number of 1 to 2 cycles of the axial length of the thread);

6 gears and shafts, such as hand pin or key connection, must be on the reliability and stability of these parts analysis;

7 screw threads to design the auxiliary reference for processing and assembly reference;

8 the threaded shaft must be strictly positioned and reset after each injection.

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