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Development Trend of Plastic Forming Technology in Plastic Mold

Yesterday is the Arbor Day, but also Sunday, so it delayed the day published in the mold industry articles, today to introduce the plastic mold in the plastic molding technology development trend.

1) CAD / CAE / CAM technology rapid development and application

(2) the development and application of various new mold materials

Mold material directly affects the mold manufacturing process, mold life, plastic parts of the molding quality and mold processing costs.

(3) plastic parts of the miniaturization, large-scale and precision

Germany has developed a injection volume of only 0.1g micro injection machine can produce about 0.05g micro injection molding plastic parts.

China has been able to produce 0.5g micro injection machine, can produce about 0.1g miniature plastic parts.

France has a large injection rate of 1.7 × 105g injection machine, clamping force of 150MN.

The United States and Japan, respectively, to create a injection of 1.0 × 105g and 9.6 × 104g of the large injection machine.

Domestic injection machine injection volume has reached 3.5 × 104g, clamping force of 80MN.

(4) the standardization of mold

GB / T12555-1990 is a national standard for large injection molds

GB / T12556-1990 is the national standard for small and medium injection mold

Plastic mold parts of the national standard from the putter GB / 4169.1-1984 to the mold technical conditions GB / 4169.12-1984 a total of 12.


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