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Plastic mold draft to determine the point

To facilitate the demoulding, plastic wall on the direction of the mold should have Angle a, namely the draft, its value in degrees. So plastic mold draft to determine what are the main points? Jiezhen mold below small make up take you see together.

(1) the product accuracy is higher, the smaller draft should be.

(2) products in the shape of complex unfavorable demoulding, should choose the larger Angle.

(3) the size of products, the smaller draft should be adopted.

(4) product shrinkage, slope should be increased

(5) reinforced plastic appropriate chooses high Angle, containing a small plastic available slope from the lubricant.

(6) product thickness, slope is thrown.

(7) the direction of the slope: inner hole will be subject to the small end, satisfies the requirement of pattern size, slope to promote direction; Appearance, will be subject to big end, meet the design requirements, small Angle to the direction.

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