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The injection molding process of plastic mold

Blink of an eye to the end of March, Dongguan Plastic mold factory of the majority of my colleagues who ushered in the sale of the golden age of it Today editors to introduce the plastic mold injection molding process.

1. Feed the granular or powdered plastic to the hopper of the injection machine.

2. Plasticization The heating of the plastic material through the injection molding machine makes the plastic raw material in the screw melt and become a plastic melt with good plasticity.

3. Filling Plastic Molding A good plastic melt enters and fills the mold cavity with a certain pressure and velocity through the nozzle and die pouring system under the action of the plunger or screw of the injection machine.

4. After the filling from the melt filled the cavity, the plunger or screw in the injection device, the melt is still to maintain the pressure to feed, so that the melt in the barrel to enter the cavity to supplement the cavity of plastic Of the shrinkage needs, and can prevent the melt back flow.

5. After cooling the gate after cooling, the molten plastic in the cavity is solidified into a solid for a period of time to ensure that the plastic parts are sufficiently rigid and free from warping or deformation when stripped.

6. Demoulding the plastic parts to a certain temperature, the introduction of plastic parts will be launched outside the mold.


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