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Structural Design of Punches and Core in Plastic Mold

The weather was yesterday's summer solstice, but the weather in Dongguan has been raining for more than a week, until today the weather was a little better, and now does not rain, but the sun is also a lot of friends, you have now The weather? Today i introduce the plastic mold in the punch and the core of the structural design.

Core (punch): also known as male mold, forming the inner surface of plastic parts.

Core: A larger, predominantly molded part of a molded piece.

Forming rods: Molding of smaller holes on molded parts.

Integral core: the entire core and the template as a whole. Scope: simple shape of the core

Combined core: core with a combination of blocks. Scope: plastic parts within the more complex situation.

Advantages and disadvantages: save precious metals, reduce the amount of processing, splicing must be tightly tight.

Small-shaped core (forming rod): forming rod shape round, rectangular, cone, etc., forming the form and assembly method directly affect the plastic parts of the internal and precision.

The core of the core requirements: ① core material: T7A, T8, T10A, Cr12; ② core heat treatment: 45 ~ 50HRC; ③ surface roughness: core surface: Ra0.1 ~ 0.025μm, with surface: Ra0.8μm ; ④ core surface treatment: the surface chrome, polished; ⑤ core processing: coaxial high degree of preparation processing.

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