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Technical requirements for plastic mold assembly drawings

Dongguan Plastic mold factory of the majority of my colleagues, today is the last day of the lunar month, and you catch the first month of the tail it? Today editors to introduce the technical requirements of the plastic mold assembly diagram.

1. For some of the performance requirements of the mold. Such as the ejection system, the requirements of the assembly of the slider core structure.

2. Requirements for mold assembly process. For example, the fitting surface of the fitting surface of the mold after fitting shall be not more than 0.05mm on the mold, below the parallelism requirements, and indicate the size determined by the assembly and the size of the requirements.

3. Mold use, assembly and disassembly method.

4. Anti-oxidation treatment, mold number, lettering, marking, oil seal, storage and other requirements.

5. Requirements for test and inspection.


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