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Determination of parting surface in plastic mold manufacture

The parting surface is datum structure of mold manufacturing technology, which directly affects the process of injection molding machine and plastic molding quality, mold processing, mechanical engineering's efficiency, how to determine the face, need to consider more complex factors. The parting surface is affected by the plastic parts in the mold manufacturing process in molding position, pouring system design, plastic structure technology and precision, the insert position shape and launch method, mold NC manufacturing, exhaust and operation process etc, should be comprehensive comparative analysis in the choice when face from, several programs preferred choose reasonable plan. Selection of parting surface should generally follow the following principles:

1 parting surface should be selected in the plastic outer contour at the maximum;

2 for plastic parts ejection, try to make the plastic mold is on the moving die side;

3 ensure the accuracy of plastic parts in manufacturing technology;

4 to meet the quality requirements of plastic products in appearance;

5 easy to mold processing and manufacturing;

6 Effect of molding area;

7 Effect of exhaust gas;

8 effects of side core pulling.

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