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What is the net cracking in plastic mold products

Plastic products in mesh with crack cracking looks like, but the essence is the two meaning differences, which is not like the kind of crack void defects, because the polymer stress plus in parallel direction of their own, so as to heat, no cracking will be able to return to the state, in this way can area separation of network strong crack and crack.

High impact polystyrene high impact resistance, rubber particles dispersed in polystyrene as stress concentration points, the micro cracks in the majority, this is because the absorption of deformation energy. ABS was very fine, very fine cracks, superior impact resistance.

Crack crack is naturally become impossible, but at the same time, due to the 50%~60% Department of crack density only other parts, that gap has a very fine mixed in there should consider how to add a very large force, this gap tends to expand and become the gap.

Mesh crack is the same with the so-called whitening phenomenon. In a transparent material because it can see the light strip, usually called the reticular crack.

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