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How to prevent the dongguan plastic mold factory production process of waste phenomenon

Last time with you talking about, Plastic mold factory production, in the process of production we can often see all kinds of waste phenomenon, such as: too much waste production, waiting for the waste, the waste handling, processing of waste, etc... These waste phenomenon has become an obstacle to the dongguan plastic mold factory of enterprise development.

Only to eliminate the waste can make the enterprise a good development, a better system, can deal with all kinds of slump. So, let's take a look at what is in the process of enterprise production waste phenomenon.

1. The first is the waste of waiting: common is waiting for the arrival of work arrangements and have to take the material. This phenomenon is generally because of the production plan is not reasonable, material supply imbalance caused by not timely and production line. Side such as: plastic mold ready, but the rubber injection mould hasn't returned belong to this kind of situation.

2. Handling of waves: placed in the process of handling, stacking, mobile, space, time, manpower and tools such as sorting waste, such as a time-consuming fee resources. Handling tools lag behind a lot of plastic mold factory workshop, place places such as handling of waste phenomenon.

3. Action: superfluous action, inappropriate actions to increase the staff work intensity, reduce the production efficiency, therefore is a waste. Such as: his hands free, free, one hand movements stop, movement range is too big, right hand exchange, walking, turning Angle is large, mobile transformation in action, not master operation skills, stretch back action, bending action, repetitive movements and unnecessary operation. Common plastic mold factory is a master in turn around in the workshop, the results don't know to what you are doing all day.

4. The bad product waste: anything do not step can cause additional or Ben. Common adverse waste are: the material loss, equipment depreciation, artificial damage, energy loss, loss price, order loss, credit losses, etc. Such as: the production of a product and, in some cases, machine operation point deviation, and is responsible for turning the teacher didn't notice, injection molding a heap of bad products.

5. Processing: improve the level of machining accuracy will be increased by several times or even dozens of times. High machining precision wasteful, it paid the extra cost, or cause unnecessary high quality. Common processing waste: with machining allowance is too large, high precision, unnecessary processing, etc., caused by the waste are: equipment depreciation, artificial damage, auxiliary material loss, energy consumption, etc. Such as: a product ability request is not high, but the designer or master mold subjective think product will be perfect, that will also cause unnecessary waste.

6. Inventory waste: manufacture enterprises, through material big into the implementation of the product value and cash flow, so as to create profits. Logistics directly serve an important purpose, so, to make logistics and orderly, smooth and efficient, is an important aspect of the site to improve. Inventory is a wait state, contrary to the above goal will cause additional cost. Enterprise common inventory form are: raw materials, spare parts, auxiliary materials inventory, semi-finished products, work in process inventory, finished goods, in road inventory, etc. Inventory will lead to additional handling storage cost, resulting in waste of space, take up the propagation of capital and interest and may return on investment losses, and may cause material waste, make material value attenuation caused by fifo operations difficult. For example, because preferential one-time buy a large amount of raw materials come back. But in the end did not come in handy.

Is dongguan plastic mold factory more than 6 common and most serious waste of the scene, enterprise managers must think more think more, how to develop the appropriate solution to prevent waste from happening. Only to eliminate the waste can make the enterprise a good development, a better system, can deal with all kinds of slump.

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