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Effect of Crystallization on Plastic Parts Performance in Plastic Mold Forming

As a few days ago something, coupled with the company's network recently a problem, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor has been delayed for several days the site updated. Today, a strong return of the editor, first for everyone to introduce the next, plastic molding in the impact of plastic parts on the performance.


The density increases with increasing crystallinity.

2. Mechanical properties

The tensile strength increases with the increase of the crystallinity; the impact toughness will decrease; the elastic modulus will decrease.

3. Thermal performance

Crystallization helps to improve the softening temperature and heat distortion temperature of the polymer.

4. Warping

The higher the degree of crystallization, the greater the volume shrinkage, so the crystalline plastic parts than non-crystalline plastic parts are more likely to shrink due to uneven warping.

5. Surface roughness and transparency

After crystallization, the surface roughness of the plastic parts will be reduced and the transparency will be reduced or lost.

 crystalline plastic PE, PP, PTFE, POM, PA, CPT, non-crystalline plastic PS, PMMA, PC, ABS, PSU and so on. In general, crystalline plastic is opaque or translucent, non-crystalline plastic is transparent. Special case: poly-4-methyl pentene-1 is a crystalline plastic is highly transparent; ABS is non-crystalline plastic is not transparent.


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