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Method for warping plastic mold products

Also to the weekend, today Jiezheng mold editor for you to engage in plastic mold industry colleagues offer welfare: plastic plastic products are plastic bending method. .

1 products, removed from the mold to the correct, simple way to put the product on the correction correction tool, weight in place with the warpage, but must be clearly decided the weight with the position.

2, the warpage of the product on the straightening device, together with the product into the hot deformation temperature near the hot water, simply by hand straightening. But pay attention to the temperature of hot water can not be too high, otherwise it will make the deformation of the product more harm.

3 after the correction of the inevitable product warpage leave scars.

Note: the above information from Dongguan Plastic mold factory finishing in the Internet, welcome reproduced, annotated source!



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