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Dongguan jiezhen plastic mold factory workshop management details

Under the Plastic mold factory workshop management is very important, finishing a dongguan Jiezhen plastic mold factory workshop management details, each mold enterprise managers can discuss together.

1. The clamping area desktop tools neat, for clamping on the left side of the mold placed on working mesa mold shelves, mold clamping completed mold placed on the right mold frame;

2. The clamping area of the molded iron powder cleaned on a regular basis;

3. The clamping area work desk drawer of the upper class objects, tools placed lower aprons personal use items;

4. Keep clean inside bucket of the use of electric motor work;

5. Milling machine work as scrap metal, oil regularly to clean, milling machine above isolation curtain clean relaxed;

6. Nc machine tools in scrap metal, wood chips to clean up after work every day;

7. Completed the generation of wooden type logo on the body, according to the brand, the production quarterly neatly placed in wooden ark;

8. Engraving machine, bite flower, wood debris to clean up daily work;

9. Foundry workers protection articles frame finishing put all kinds of protective equipment;

10. Foundry of the track to ensure delivery of mould lubrication, to ensure normal production.

11. Mold factory warehouse all materials according to the classification of neat;

12. The steel plate, aluminum alloy is put under the mold factory reserves position, sheet metal should be regularly and rust-proof oil;

13. Oxygen ignition device is placed in a fixed position, such as the location needs to draw level identification line, immediately after production finished with place;

14. The periphery of the road, lawn arrange personnel to clean every day.

These plastic mold factory workshop management details if put in place, believe that the efficiency of the mold factory will greatly prompt.

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