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Three kinds of injection mold structure of a simple introduction

Jiezheng mold products co., LTD for you today for a brief introduction to the three kinds of injection mold structure, respectively is 1 sprue sprue type mold, 2 paragraphs type mold and hot runner mold.

A. 1 of the sprue type mold:

This is the most general use mould, simple structure, easy operation, but have restrictions on gate location.

Take a direct gate, if take multiple lateral gate, can be used well in automatic forming.

B. 2 period of sprue type mold

That is commonly used in industrial supplies forming mould, complicated structure, gate location is free.

Take a side gate, can use pinhole type gate, in this way, because of the sprue part with products must be from the mold of each block respectively, so it necessary to set the automatic forming two institutions.

C. hot runner mold

Forming material guarantee to the front of the products to dissolve financing way, (hot runner) way to die, because there is no cure of sprue, runner, etc., so there is no material loss, the temperature control of the hot runner part was very hard, mold production is also very difficult, but as with automatic forming gas, it is very superior.

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