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The most important measure of tool balance in plastic mold processing

Today is the first day of 5.1 small holiday, you are on holiday or rest, like Dongguan, Plastic mold factory editor, is self-improvement, and strive to work it Today for everyone to bring plastic mold processing tool balance in the most important measures.

Measure the imbalance of the tool / shank assembly. By changing the tool, cutting it to remove some of the mass, or moving the counterweight on the handle to reduce the imbalance. It is often necessary to repeat these steps, including checking the tool again and adjusting it again until it reaches equilibrium.

The tool balance also involves the instability of several unprocessed processes. One of them is the cooperation between the handle and the spindle. The reason is that there are often measurable gaps when clamping, or it may be chip or dirt on the taper shank. This will cause the taper shank to be the same for each position. Even if the tool, tool holder and spindle in all aspects of the state are very good, but if there is contamination, it will cause imbalance. In order to balance the tool, the cost of the cutting process must be increased. If the tool balance is important to reduce the cost, the specific situation should be analyzed.

However, in order to balance the tool well, there is still much work to be done when choosing the right tool. The following points should be considered when selecting a tool:

1. Purchase high quality cutting tools and shanks. Should choose to have eliminated the unbalanced handle in advance.

2. It is best to use short and as light as possible.

3. Periodically inspect the tool and tool holder to check for signs of fatigue thread and deformation.

The tool can accept the tool imbalance determined by the process itself. These include the cutting force of the cutting process, the balance of the machine and the extent to which these two factors interact with each other. The test is the best way to find the best balance. Run with different imbalances several times, for example from an unbalance value of 20 mm or less. After each run, repeat the test with a more balanced tool. The best balance should be such a point: to further improve the tool balance after this point does not improve the surface quality of the workpiece; or such a point: at this point the process can easily guarantee the required workpiece tolerances.

The key is to always focus on the process, rather than the dynamic balance level-G value or any other determined balance as a target. This goal should be to achieve the highest possible process. This involves balancing the cost of the tool balance and the benefits obtained so that it should be reasonably balanced between costs and benefits.

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