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General specification of plastic mold cooling system

Today is the annual Children’s Day. Today, the happiest one is the children. Is the teacher sugaring? Well, the children's holiday, our big friend at Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory will not make any fun. Today we introduce the general specifications of the plastic mold cooling system. In general, there are the following points to pay attention to.
1. The cooling water nozzles are all made of copper quick-connect nozzles, and the standard is to use JJPS2 type quick connectors; if the contract has special requirements, follow the contract.
2. The cooling nozzle must not protrude from the surface of the template in principle. The surface of the nozzle should not be more than 3mm. Countersink diameter
Above Φ25mm, the outer edge of the counterbore requires chamfering and the chamfer is greater than 1.5 x 45°.
3. The cooling waterway must be fully designed and unobstructed and meet the production requirements. In principle, the temperature difference between the cavity and the core should not exceed ±5°C.
4. The seal is reliable, there is no water leakage, and it is easy to overhaul. When the nozzle is installed, it must be wrapped with raw material. Sealing grooves for placing seals are to be manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards. The seal grooves shall be provided on a formwork and shall not be processed on the inserts.
5. Water barriers should be made of materials that are not susceptible to corrosion. Brass sheets or stainless steel are generally used.
6. The cooling water nozzles of the inner and outer sliders must be connected to the quick-connect nozzles and must not affect the normal operation of the mold.

7. Die cooling system water test: Inlet pressure is 0.5Mpa, and water is kept for 5 minutes.

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