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The Process of Plastic Mold Production

Yesterday is the Mother's Day, but Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor is still working overtime, you are at home with your mother or friends circle it Today, with everyone to edit the plastic mold to see the production process.

(A) preparation before injection molding

      1, raw material inspection and pretreatment

      2, insert preheat

      3, the barrel of the cleaning

      4, the use of release agent

(B) the injection process

     The complete injection process includes feeding, plasticizing, injecting, holding, cooling and stripping.

(3) post-processing of plastic products

      1, annealing treatment

      2, humidity treatment

     Mainly used in polyamide plastic products. Method is to just stripped of the product into hot water treatment, not only isolated from the air, to prevent oxidation, to eliminate internal stress, but also to accelerate the balance of moisture to stabilize its size.

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