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Plastic mold design in the size and accuracy of plastic parts

Today is the second day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Dongguan Mold Factory for the majority of my colleagues, today is only an ordinary Monday only, or to work. Today, we introduce the plastic mold design of plastic parts size and accuracy.

1) plastic parts size

Design Principles:

 by the mobility of plastic constraints, good mobility of plastic can form a larger size of the plastic parts, and vice versa can be formed plastic parts smaller size.

 is limited by the forming equipment. The size of the plastic parts to be molded is limited by the injection amount, the clamping force and the template size of the injection machine. The size of the plastic parts to be compressed and pressed is subjected to the maximum pressure of the press and the press work surface Maximum size limit.

 meet the requirements of the use of the premise, should try to be compact plastic parts, small size some.

2) plastic parts size accuracy

Refers to the degree of plastic parts obtained in accordance with the size of the product, that is, the accuracy of the size of the obtained plastic parts. Meet the requirements of the premise, should be designed as low as possible.

 plastic parts size tolerance according to GB / T14486 "engineering plastic molding plastic parts size tolerance standard" to determine

 plastic parts size tolerance code for the MT, tolerance level of 7


The tolerance of the upper hole of the plastic part adopts one - way positive deviation.

The tolerance of the upper part of the plastic part adopts the unidirectional negative deviation.

Center distance and other position size tolerance using two-way equivalent deviation.


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