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Analysis of the manufacturability of plastic parts in plastic molds

Today is August 27th. Last week, due to the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, I went back to my hometown and lost the website of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory for a long time. Then the website plummeted. Now the editors of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory are returning to the blood, so we must work hard to improve ourselves. Today, we will introduce the processability of analyzing plastic parts in plastic molds.

Analyze the technicality of plastic parts, including technical and economic aspects. In terms of technology, according to product drawings, as long as the shape characteristics, size, dimensioning method, precision requirements, surface quality and material properties of plastic parts are analyzed, whether it conforms to the model Plastic process requirements; in terms of economics, the product cost is mainly analyzed based on the production of plastic parts, and the economic benefits that can be achieved by injection production are clarified.

1. Shape and size of plastic parts:

The shape and size of the plastic parts are different, and the molding process requirements are also different.

2, the dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements of plastic parts:

The dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements of plastic parts are related to the molding process, mold structure and manufacturing precision.

3, production batch

The size of the production batch directly affects the structure of the mold. Generally, in large-volume production, a multi-cavity can be used to improve productivity; in small batch production, single-cavity molds can be used to reduce the manufacturing cost of the mold.

4, other aspects

In the process analysis of plastic parts, in addition to considering the appeal factors, the influence of the thickness of the plastic parts, the molding properties of the plastics, and the defects of the products commonly seen in the molding production on the molding process should be analyzed.

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