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Recovery method for defective plastic mould products

Plastic mold products in the production process, if the mold process is not good, will produce a variety of problems, thereby affecting the production schedule. And some mold, even if the process is good, in the production process will be a variety of problems. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor to talk to you about the poor appearance of plastic mold products, the remedial method.

Bad 1, dent, dissolve, scratch and other bad marks, smooth appearance, smooth processing.

2, flash, with a file, a knife cut off, and then to cut off part of the Polish, in order to ensure the smoothness of.

3, stick to the cloth polishing material, the lack of part after the first light to ensure smooth finish.

4, in order to reflect the smooth and adding paraffin, may cause stress cracking, so it must be used cautiously.

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