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Plastic mold polishing with sand paper polishing problems should be paid attention to

Plastic mold polishing can have a variety of methods, and the polishing material is also varied, let's introduce plastic mold polishing with sand paper polishing problems should be paid attention to.

1. Use sand paper polishing need to use a soft stick or bamboo stick. When polishing round surface or spherical, the use of cork stick can better cooperate with round the radian of plane and spherical. And a hard wood like cherry, it is more applicable to the entire surface polishing. Finishing the end of the wood to keep consistent with the shape on the surface of the steel, so that you can avoid wood or bamboo acute exposure caused deep scratches on the surface of the steel.

2. When the switch to a different type of sand paper, polishing direction should transform to 45 ° ~ 90 °, so before a sandpaper model after polishing the stripe of shadow can be distinguished. Before in different type sandpaper, such as touch with 100% pure cotton must take alcohol cleaning fluid to carefully wipe the polishing surface, because of a tiny grains of sand on the surface will destroy the whole polishing work. From sand paper polishing with diamond grinding paste polishing, the cleaning process is equally important. Before polishing continues, all particles and kerosene must be completely clean.

3. In order to avoid scratch and burn the workpiece surface, in with # 1200 and # 1500 sand paper polishing must be especially careful. Therefore it is necessary to load a light load and the two steps of surface polishing method for polishing. With every kind of model in polishing abrasive paper should be two polishing along two different directions, two directions between each rotation 45 ° ~ 90 °.

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