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What should be included in the mold assembly drawing of the plastic mold

Today is September 3, 2019. The time is really fast. If you haven’t come and reacted, it will slip away from your fingers. Looking back on the past year, the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, I was struggling in the trough. The pain is really not a general taste. Now I think that my heart is also a burst of taste. How many times I told myself to be strong, I have to step by step from the bottom. Try to get up, but how many times it has just been forced to hit back to the bottom. Regardless of the past, the future will always come, and no matter what the future is, rely on its brave Jedi to rebound and never bow to fate. Ok, today I feel a little bit more. I am going to introduce you to the contents of the mold assembly drawing in the plastic mold.

In general, a complete mold assembly drawing should include the following:

1. Frame and title bar

In general, different companies have their own unique frame and title bar, which reflects the company's name, designer, design date, drawing name and number.

2. A set of views

In general, the plastic mold assembly drawing has four main views, which are a movable mold side view, a fixed mold side view, a front sectional view, and a side sectional view.

The front and side cross-sectional views can be understood as a cross-sectional view after the mold is completely assembled, and the moving mold side view is a view obtained by vertically looking down after removing all the things on the fixed mold side, and it only sees the side of the movable mold side. The fixed-mode side view is a view obtained by vertically viewing all the things belonging to the movable mold side 180° around the reference right side, and only seeing the fixed mold side.

It is worth noting that there is a reference symbol on the moving and fixed mode side view, the reference symbol on the movable mode side is "", and the reference symbol on the fixed mode side is "". In addition, whether it is a side view of the moving mold or a side view of the fixed mold, the object that is viewed vertically is a view in which all the parts on each side are fully assembled.

Sometimes, when the mold is more complicated, some auxiliary views will be added to supplement, such as the enlarged view of the gate, the three-dimensional schematic of the plastic product.

3. Mark the necessary dimensions and technical requirements

The assembly drawing should include the assembly relationship of each part, the necessary dimensions (such as dimensions, locating ring size, mounting dimensions, extreme dimensions, etc.), part number and schedule, and technical requirements. Technical requirements include: performance requirements for certain structures of the mold, such as assembly requirements for the demolding mechanism and core pulling mechanism; requirements for the mold assembly process; instructions for the use of the mold; anti-oxidation treatment; mold number, lettering, oil seal and storage Requirements, such as test and inspection requirements.

4. Schedule

In principle, the list of assembly drawings should be numbered, defined, size, quantity, etc. for all parts of the mold to facilitate procurement, production and acceptance.

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