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The Function of Guide Mechanism in Plastic Mold

Today is August 10, there are several days did not update the mold article. Work in Dongguan Plastic mold factory is really very busy every day busy days of darkness. Today finally have time for everyone to introduce the role of plastic mold in the guiding mechanism.

Guide column guide mechanism is the use of guide pin and guide hole between the coordination to ensure the accuracy of the mold. The design of the guide post guide mechanism includes: the typical structure of the guide post and the guide sleeve: the number and arrangement of the guide post and the guide hole and the guide post.

Any of the molds in the set, between the dynamic mode are set with a guide mechanism. Its function is:

1. positioning role: mold to maintain a certain position between the fixed mold, mold clamping mold to maintain the correct shape.

2. Guide role: mold mode to guide the dynamic sequence closed, to prevent damage to the core, and bear a certain lateral force.

3. Carrying effect: the use of push-plate demoulding or three-plate mold structure, the guide column to withstand the push plate and fixed mold cavity plate heavy load effect.

4. To maintain a smooth movement of the role: for large and medium-sized mold stripping mechanism, there is a flexible mechanism to maintain the role of movement.

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