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To eliminate or reduce the plastic mold edm machining accuracy

The main factors influencing the electric spark machining accuracy have those? Often what methods to eliminate or reduce the adverse impact?

1.loss of electrode on machining accuracy: the influence of tool electrode consumption lead to scream, it become lower the replication accuracy.

Reducing methods: (1) using high frequency short pulse finishing, (2) using multiple electrode processing.

2.Influence on machining accuracy  the spark gap, gap is big, the Angle of complex parts, edge, the more difficult to replicate, small gap and the discharge gap uniformity was beneficial to the improvement of the accuracy. 

Reducing methods: (1) using weak electric gauge, (2) the reasonable electrical parameters, (3) high precision machine tools.

3.processing Angle influence on machining accuracy: with the increase of processing depth, the secondary discharge number increase, the side clearance increases gradually, a processing Angle.

By reducing methods: (1) the working fluid and fluid circulation filter measures. (2) the translation technology.

Described above is to eliminate or reduce plastic mold edm machining accuracy. Welcome to reprint, indicate the source!


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